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It takes a village...

...and EMNS is rallying that village to help primarily people of color to identify and decrease the stigma surrounding mental illness by raising awareness, providing educational services, and identifying community services available.


EMNS is a Nonprofit Corporation and our services are designed to assist healthcare workers, human service workers, and social workers; employers and business leaders; faith-based community leaders; colleges and universities; law enforcement and public safety officials; government organizations; active duty, veterans, and family members; social groups; persons with mental illness-addictions and their families; and other caring citizens.

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Do you know someone who may be affected by mental illness? Do you know how mental illness in the workplace can affect your organization? Do you know what to do about it???


We would love to meet with you so we can talk about how our educational presentations, workshops, and community resources can benefit your organization!  

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Understanding mental health is not only about being able to identify symptoms and support timely interventions; but dispelling false ideas about mental conditions as well.


EMNS offers educational seminars and workshops including an 8 hour Mental Health First Aid course to introduce participants to risk factors and warning signs of mental health concerns, build understanding of their impact, and an overview of common treatments.  Through these educational programs you can learn how to assess a mental health crisis, select interventions to provide intial help, and connect the individual to professional, community, and self-help resources.

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Your Greatest Self.


As a society, we largely remain oblivious to the signs and symptoms of mental illnesses.


EMNS can help you assume your role as a responsible community member to assist people who are experiencing these illnesses.




If you or a loved one is living with a mental illness it is never too late to seek help.  

EMNS offers individual, family, and couples counseling, group therapy, life coaching, and parenting classes along with access to community resource services.

There is help and understanding.

Mrs. Lewis-Harris style of counseling was great and was very effective for me and my girlfriend.




She's direct and to the point which is something I needed to get through my issues.


She helped me develop coping skills for my anxiety and depression.



Mrs. Lewis-Harris is an amazing therapist!



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